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The name ‘Sewajyoti ‘ (सेवाज्योति) owes its genesis to two Sanskrit-Hindi words; Sewa (fervice) and Jyoti (flame or light). The combination of words, meaning a ‘flame of service’, appropriately represents the spirit, ideals, objectives and philosophy which form the very basis of our organization. Apart from being a social service organization, Sewajyoti has a spiritual side to it as its founder, Sh. Gautam R Morarka, has a deep-rooted faith in the principle of 

                                                                     Parhit saris dharma nahin bhai,

                                                                   Par peeda sam nahin adhmahi.

Humanity is the foremost religion. If we can help people even beyond our capacity, nothing can match the satisfaction emanating out of it. On the other hand, if we hurt someone, this will be the most inhuman act. Sh. Morarka wants ‘Sewajyoti’ to work exactly as a flame of service spreading light of hope and happiness among those who are not in a position to meet their basic needs such as food, education, shelter and medical aid.

Sh. Gautam Morarka is a noted industrialist, Managing Director of Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited, and son of former parliamentarian Late Sh. R.R. Morarka. He has received Rajasthan government's prestigious 'Bhamashah Award ' twice; in 2006 and in 2011. He is a keen contributor to the cause of social development and has expressed his commitment to work in the fields of education, health, employment generation, agriculture and industrial development.


He says, if we truly want to make India a developed nation, we cannot ignore the people of villages and small towns. In order to make a meaningful and visible impact on the peoples’ lives, the process of development must cover all those areas that have traditionally been overlooked and ignored. Culturally rich Sekhawati area of Rajasthan is one of them. 

Sewajyoti works in a host of areas including education, health, rural development, self-employment training, women’s empowerment, rehabilitation of the handicapped, agriculture, environment, preservation of art and culture, handicrafts, rural sports, flood relief, family planning and child labour welfare. Its services have benefitted people of all religions, castes, regions and sections of the society as it works without any bias, discrimination or favouritism. 

Sh. Gautam Morarka had founded two social service organizations in the 1990s in the memory of his parents Late Sh. Radheshyam Morarka and Late Smt. Narbada Devi Morarka. These organizations, namely R R Morarka Charitable Trust (1994) and Narbada Devi Morarka Charitable Trust (1995) conduct their activities in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Sewajyoti works as the Rajasthan chapter of R R Morarka Charitable Trust. 

A continuing journey

Sewajyoti began its activities in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan on 19th July 2004 when a 0.68 acre plot was purchased in Nawalgarh to formally construct an office building. Since then, it has conducted a plethora of social service related programmes and activities in the area. Such activities continue throughout the year. 

One of the major achievements of Sewajyoti is the construction of Sh. Radheshyam R Morarka Govt. Post Graduate College building in Jhunjhunu, and subsequent dedication to the people of the state. The building, constructed at the cost of Rs. 2.45 crores, was inaugurated in March 2006 by the then chief minister of Rajasthan, Mrs. Vasundhara Raje. The college, then a graduate level educational institution, was subsequently upgraded to post graduate level. Sewajyoti, considering the growing demand for space to accommodate more faculties and seats, undertook an expansion work at the college in 2010 costing Rs. 53 lakh. 


Another milestone in Sewajyoti’s work was the Radheshyam Morarka Medical Institute (RMMI), which was established in Jhunjhunu with an objective of bringing high quality medical facilities to the people of this area who had earlier no other option but to travel to Jaipur or Delhi in order to get their seriously-ill patient treated. The hospital has brought enormous relief to the old and poor of the area. Apart from providing in-patient and out-patient services, the hospital also conducts health camps covering serious and common diseases on a regular basis, attended by a large number of people. 

In year 2011, Sewajyoti constructed a large bus terminal in Nawalgarh costing Rs. 1.05 crores, under central government’s ‘Integrated development of tourist circuit’ scheme. The building was dedicated to the people on 21 April 2011 by Sh. Brij Kishor Sharma, Minister of Transport, Sanskrit Education and Devasthan, Rajasthan in the presence of Dr. Rajkumar Sharma, Minister of State for Health, and Science and Technology. 

As a vibrant and dedicated organisation, Sewajyoti doesn't stop at this. It has many more plans for the area's development and make people's lives easier and happy. No single organisation can change the scene completely, but a genuine beginning and a strong resolve do make a lot of difference.  

  • Shri Radheshyam R Morarka Govt. Post Graduate College building was constructed in Jhunjhunu in a record time. It was dedicated to the people in 2006.

  • The college building was constructed by Sewajyoti at a cost of Rs. 2.45 crore.

  • Expansion of the college building took place in 2010 at a cost of Rs. 53 lacs.

  • Sh. Radheshyam Morarka Memorial Government Bus Terminal, Jhunjhunu was developed at a total cost of Rs. 1.05 crores.

  • The Bus terminal was inaugurated on April 21, 2011.

  •  Radheshyam Morarka Medical Institute (RMMI) was inaugurated in 2006. It is a modern 32 bed hospital equipped with state of the art technology.

  • As demand rose, capacity of RMMI had to be expanded, and four new cottage wards were added.

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