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The organization has also been coming to help people needing financial assistance. R R Morarka Charitable Trust and Sewajyoti distribute free blankets to the poor and homeless during winters. Different kinds of people coming from the weaker sections of the society are benefited from this blanket distribution programme which takes place on a regular basis in Nawalgarh.

They include elderly people, the poor, widows, destitute and handicapped. Children from poor families are also gifted with woolen sweaters and warm cloths. Though the blankets and sweaters cannot completely solve the problems of the homeless and poor but they at least help them in facing the cold weather to some extent.


Sewajyoti also organizes food distribution programmes for the people coming from the weaker, backward and ignored sections of the society. 

Similarly, during natural calamities such as floods, the organization helps affected people with food-grains and other essential materials.

 During the floods of 1999 in Orissa, Sewajyoti’s associated organizations had sent a truckload of food and clothes to the affected people. Similarly, during the disastrous earthquake in Gujarat, R R Morarka Charitable Trust, Narbada Devi Morarka Charitable Trust, Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited and RR Morarka Public School had made a contribution of Rs. 3 lakh to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

In September 2001, when 21 people of village Chamrol died in a road accident, Narbada Devi Morarka Charitable Trust had provided financial assistance to the kin of the deceased and the injured.


It is an old saying that without education no one can achieve what he is actually capable of. Millions of students in our country have to abandon their studies because their parents cannot afford to pay for their school fees, books, uniforms and other required material. When meritorious students drop out of schools or college, it is not just their loss. It is not just their families’ loss, but it is a national loss. The country loses an able administrator, a visionary leader and an innovative entrepreneur. In such cases, government and social service organizations can play a very important role by identified talent and creating situations helpful for continuation of his/her education. This can come in different forms including providing free education and distributing scholarships to the needy.

Sewajyoti presents ‘Shri Radheshyam R Morarka Memorial Award’ meritorious students of Shri Radheshyam R Morarka Govt Post Graduate College, Jhunjhunu on an annual basis. Toppers in every class and faculty receive financial reward apart from certificates. Scholarship programmes are not limited to the only. The organization has a separate programme to encourage intelligent students of other educational institutions as well. 


From the year 2008, Sewajyoti has been selecting meritorious students from the weaker sections of the society for receiving its yearly scholarships. The initiative has made visible impact on the students who are doubly energized to come out with an even better educational performance. Sewajyoti’s scholarship programmes have been appreciated by the district administration, the media and citizens of the area alike.

Sewajyoti conducts various programmes to help students from economically weaker sections by providing them financial assistance, scholarships and even by the way of distribution of uniforms and educational material. Children of the lesser privileged families and widows receive school dresses from Sewajyoti on a regular basis. A large programme of this kind was conducted in 2004 when 5000 students were gifted with new school uniforms in the presence of Mrs. Smirit Gautam Morarka. There was no limit to the happiness of the kids when they wore the newly received uniforms.

During winters, Sewajyoti distributes warm cloths to children of economically weaker families. On some occasions, school kids and students of child laborer schools were gifted with woolen sweaters.


Traditionally, the desert areas of Rajasthan receive little rainfall during the monsoons. However, in July 2010 Jhunjhunu, Nawalgarh and some other areas of Shekhawati region witnessed unusually heavy rainfall resulting in flash floods that inundated many villages leaving thousands of people homeless. They had lost all their belongings and had nowhere to go with no food, cloths, medicines or shelter. Sewajyoti immediately got into action and carried out relief operations in the area. Food and wheat was distributed among the flood victims apart from providing financial and other help they needed. 

In the same year, some districts of Uttar Pradesh had witnessed devastating floods during August-September 2010 which left lakhs of people homeless. Bijnor district was one of the districts worst affected from the floods. Sewajyoti’s parent organization Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited was among the first to reach out to the flood victims with relief material and teams of doctors. Head of Sewajyoti, Sh. Gautam R Morarka, who is also the Managing Director of Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited, was driven by the plight of the flood victims and directed his organization’s officials to carry out relief and rescue works on war footing.
Villages such as Prempuri, Subhash Nagar, Afzalpur, Hari, Jagannathpur, Jamanpur, Baghijot, Dharmapura, Mubarakpur, Dhanoti, Rangshahpur, Khijarpur, Ledarpur, Shahzadpur, Roshanpur, Harevali, Berkheda, Jatpura, Mahawatpur, Nyadari, Shergarh, Gavadi and Kuankheda were submerged in the flood waters. 
People had not only lost their homes but were falling sick as well under the unhygienic conditions. Two units of Dwarikesh group- Afzalgarh (Dwarikesh Puram) and Bundki (Dwarikesh Nagar) deployed a large number of officials and employees in the flood affected areas and distributed tents, food and other required material. A campaign to spray mosquito-repellents and insecticides was conducted in more than 100 villages and company doctors were put to the service of the affected people. Medicines were distributed free of cost among the sick. The relief works continued for many weeks until the situation was fully improved.


Sympathy is the last thing that people with physical and mental disabilities need. What they desire is to be treated as normal beings like you and me, without making them feel ‘special’ or ‘different.’ We need to change our perceptions of disability as every human being faces limitations in field or the other. On the other hand, even those considered disabled may perform better than others in a particular field. Therefore, disability is mostly a matter of perception. Great tennis player Martina Navratilova had once said a wonderful thing about disability. She said, “Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you're needed by someone. ”

Sewajyoti is a firm believer in the abilities of the so called disabled people. Our programmes for them are conducted keeping in mind one objective, and that is to assist them in dealing with their physical and mental problems just the way an ordinary patient’s disease is dealt with. No assistance; physical, financial or otherwise, is justified if it is provided with a sense of obligation and if it hurts their self-respect. Sewajyoti treats them as equal partners and works as a friend to tackle their limitations.


The organization has conducted many camps for the handicapped in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan and the response we received from the attendees has often been heartening. While Sewajyoti runs such activities in Rajasthan, its associated trust Narbada Devi Morarka Charitable Trust organizes them in Uttar Pradesh.

Sewajyoti had organized a large camp in Nawalgarh for the handicapped in 2004 in cooperation with Kalyanam Karoti, a social service organization based in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Hundreds of handicapped persons were benefitted with this camp where 25 artificial limbs, 107 calipers, 162 baisakhis, 110 tricycles, 18 wheel chairs, 37 hearing machines and 6 elbow sticks were distributed and 78 disabled were issued disability certificates.

Series of relief camps for the disabled

On 14th July 2006, another handicapped camp was organized in Jhunjhunu district where in 150 tricycles, 100 hearing aids, 35 calipers, 150 baisakhis, 10 wheel chairs, 10 walking sticks and 10 elbow sticks were distributed. Sewing machines were given to 31 handicapped persons to encourage them to start tailoring work and earn for themselves.

On 9 February, 2007, a similar camp was organized in Jhunjhunu where in 82 tricycles, 15 hearing aids, 3 calipers and other aids were distributed. In the same year, another camp was organized from 11 to 13 September in Churu where 109 tricycles, 37 wheel chairs, 47 baisakhis, 46 hearing machines, 51 calipers and 33 wheel chairs were distributed.

On the other hand Narbada Devi Morarka Charitable Trust had been organizing camps for the disable in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh. Kalyanam Karoti and Bhagwan Mahavir Viklang Sahayata Samiti, Jaipur provided their cooperation in successful organization of these camps on 13-14th June 2000, 17-20th October 2001 and 19th November 2002. Hundreds of necessary equipments and aids were provided to the disabled during these camps and a few hundred disability certificates were distributed.

  • Shri Radheshyam R Morarka Govt. Post Graduate College building was constructed in Jhunjhunu in a record time. It was dedicated to the people in 2006.

  • The college building was constructed by Sewajyoti at a cost of Rs. 2.45 crore.

  • Expansion of the college building took place in 2010 at a cost of Rs. 53 lacs.

  • Sh. Radheshyam Morarka Memorial Government Bus Terminal, Jhunjhunu was developed at a total cost of Rs. 1.05 crores.

  • The Bus terminal was inaugurated on April 21, 2011.

  •  Radheshyam Morarka Medical Institute (RMMI) was inaugurated in 2006. It is a modern 32 bed hospital equipped with state of the art technology.

  • As demand rose, capacity of RMMI had to be expanded, and four new cottage wards were added.

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