सेवा धर्म परम गहनो योगिनामप्यगम्यः

Contributions To The Society In Women Empowerment


Women Empowerment is not just about fighting for the rights of the women, but women empowerment is all about empowering women with enough resources so that they don’t have to fight in the first place. Sewa Jyoti aims to educate underprivileged women and help them exercise their power to make them self-reliant and knowledgeable.

We have implemented different measures for empowering the women in the villages. Here’s an overview of a few of our projects.

Awareness Programs

One of the best ways to boost women's empowerment is by creating awareness of the things women need to know to grow. Sewa Jyoti runs several awareness programs periodically on different women's issues and ways to tackle them. They include immunization of pregnant women, the importance of breastfeeding and institutional delivery, immunization of children, menstrual hygiene, and the importance of sanitation.

Micro-Enterprise Development Program

One of the biggest drawbacks of the rural section is the lack of scope in employment and income generation. Due to poor technological reach and infrastructural development, the rate of employment has always remained the number one concern. Sewa Jyoti, therefore, has taken several initiatives to provide vocational training to women and teenagers, including tailoring, embroidery, handicraft, toy making, and leather products making so that they become independent income earners and use their income to support their family. The training is provided at the village level where micro and small credits from the SHG-linked banks are also offered to support their vocations.

Establishment of Self Help Groups

Sewa Jyoti has identified different Self Help Groups, adopted them, and made them into one institution which provides space and resources to the most underestimated section of the society – Women. The Self Help Groups are individual groups that are formed with women of mutual interest, such as SHGs based on caste, social background, culture, community, activities, and location.

We try different ways to help the vulnerable women exercise control on their lives and raise their voices fearlessly whenever they find an opportunity. We empower women with financial activities, such as credits and savings, and entrepreneurial development projects.

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