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Contributions To The Society In Agriculture

Farmers club

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian Economy as nearly 60% of the population of the country depend on agriculture and contribute 23% to the GDP , For sustained the growth of agriculture there is need to improve the quality , improve to productivity and cut down costs by improving efficiency.

Sewa Jyoti focused on organizing farmers through Farmers club with the support of NABARD to provided package of initiatives for transfer of technology , improving imputes use efficiency promoting investment in agriculture, orienting them to establish better relationship with banks, capacitated them explore the Govt. subsidiary schemes, adoption of latest post-harvest handling technology, value addition, etc. The inauguration, awareness and meet with experts program Interface with subject matter specialists in the various fields of agriculture and allied activities etc., extension personnel of Agriculture Universities, Development Departments and other related agencies for technical knowhow up gradation

Farmers Producer Organization

Sewa Jyoti is carry forward the initiative of Hon'ble Prime Minister with the support of NABARD, It (FPO) is one of the important initiatives taken by the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture to mainstream the idea of promoting and strengthening member-based institutions of farmers.

Farmers, who are the producers of agricultural products, can form groups and register themselves under the Indian Companies Act. These can be created both at State, cluster, and village levels. It is aimed at engaging the farmer companies to procure agricultural products and sell them.

Supply of inputs such as agriculture product, dairy products, seed, fertilizer and machinery, market linkages, training & networking and financial and technical advice are also among the major activities of FPO. The Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) has been nominated as a central procurement agency to undertake price support operations under Minimum Support Price (MSP) for pulses and oilseeds through the FPO’s.

Sewa Jyoti with the support of community farmers registered the FPO in company act 2013 namely SIROMANI MILK PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED FPO started his business with milk aggregation and cattle feed business, provided at the door step of the share holders as well as other community members to increase the income of the farmers. , associated 515 shareholders with the FPO

Farmers Exposure Visit / CAT Visit

Technological up gradation and innovation have been the hall mark of Indian agriculture. Sewa Jyoti with the collaboration of NABARD has been in the forefront in facilitating and adoption of new technology by farmers through Farmers' Clubs. With a view to widen the horizon of new agro-technology, it was felt that traditional farmers may be motivated to adopt new technology by exposing them to innovative projects being implemented by various agencies in different parts of the country. Accordingly, Sewa Jyoti frequently organizing such exposure visits of the farmers at the most prominent research institute in the field of agriculture to know and see the demonstration of new research, seeds and technology best practices and know how about the new developments in the field of agriculture for their sustainable development.

Crop Diversification

Agricultural diversification is one of the essential components of economic growth. It is the stage where traditional agriculture is transformed into a dynamic and commercial sector by shifting the traditional agricultural product mix to high standard products, that has a high potential in stimulating production rate. Here, the agricultural diversification is supported by a change in technology or consumer demand, trade or government policy, and by transportation, irrigation, and, other infrastructures development

Sewa Jyoti focus on two aspect in crop diversification

  • The change in the cropping pattern
  • The transformation of the manpower from agriculture work to other associated activities like poultry, livestock etc.

Micro irrigation program

Sewa Jyoti is mainly working in Rajasthan , facing lots of water scarcity for drinking water as well as agriculture irrigation, underground water table is going down day by day speedily, need new technology, Sewa Jyoti spread awareness and motivation among the community to avoid open irrigation in the field and increase the use of micro irrigation techniques like sprinklers , mini sprinklers, drip irrigation etc resulting whole Nawalgarh block is using new technique of irrigation with maximum numbers of solar pump in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan


Indian economy is base on agriculture and cattle rearing is the most important part of agriculture to supplement the income of the farmer, Sewa Jyoti aware, motivate farmers to rear high quality of buffalo and cow, demonstrate the new technology through different exposure visits, improvement in breed by adopting artificial insemination , proper training and demonstration on proper feeding practices , vaccination, deworming and proper care of pregnant and mulching animal

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