सेवा धर्म परम गहनो योगिनामप्यगम्यः

Contributions To The Society In Infrastructure


Robust infrastructure is not enough if it doesn’t cater to the underprivileged and needy. Sewa Jyoti thrives to promote the infrastructural development of the rural areas because there is potential in the sector as much as there is in the urban areas. We have to provide them the means to become progressive and self-reliant. And, it starts from a robust infrastructure.

Here’s our contribution to the society in infrastructural development.

Shree Radheshyam R Morarka Bus Terminal, Nawalgarh

Nawalgarh is a town located in the Jhunjhunu district of the state of Rajasthan, India. Nawalgarh is rich in cultural heritage, famous for its fresco and havelis (medieval forts). It is also reckoned as the Golden City of Rajasthan because of its ethnic beauty and fine architecture. Nawalgarh is an eminent part of the Shekhawati region and intercepts between Jhunjhunu (39 kms away) and Sikar (30 kms away).

While Nawalgarh holds much more value in terms of architectural assets, besides being the homeland of many prominent business families in India, it has one of the poorest infrastructures in Rajasthan. It could be a great international tourist destination if there are more bus terminals and point of transportation.

Sewa Jyoti recognized this problem and built a large and prominent bus terminal at the heart of the town to attract more tourists and encourage growth.

The bus terminal was named ‘Radheshyam R Morarka Bus Terminal, Nawalgarh’ after completion.

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