सेवा धर्म परम गहनो योगिनामप्यगम्यः

Contributions To The Society In Education


Empowering Rural Children with Knowledge and Education

Sewa Jyoti believes that every child, no matter what their financial condition is, should be given at least one opportunity to learn and educate. If they excel, then they shall be provided with scholarships to further boost their knowledge.

Our focus remains at providing required facilities, tools, and resources for quality education to the rural children in their villages so that they don’t have to travel far in search of knowledge. Right from rooms, stationaries, books to uniforms, teachers, and toilet provisions, we have tried to build everything for the underprivileged children.

Following is a list of contributions we have made in the education sector.

Shree Radheshyam R Morarka Govt. PG College Building, Jhunjhunu

We built the campus of the Shree Radheshyam R Morarka Govt. PG College at Jhunjhunu with a budget of INR 45,00,000. Today, the college is equipped with the necessary resources, such as desks and chairs, labs, washrooms and toilets, and computers to offer superior quality education to the students residing in the villages.

Shree Radheshyam R Morarka Govt. College Campus, Nawalgarh

We have constructed the campus building of the Shree Radheshyam R Morarka Govt. College at Nawalgarh. We contributed INR 3, 53, 000 for this project. We also furnished the college with seats, study materials, and other necessities and then donated it to the Government so that they can gather enough students from the local villages and provide them better education and academic facilities.

Annual Scholarship Programs for the Bright Higher Secondary Girl Students

To prevent girl students from dropping out after the 12th board examination, we developed the annual scholarship scheme for higher secondary students. The scheme involved the distribution of scholarships worth INR 5000 to each meritorious girl student, so they can complete under graduation and pursue their careers. As of 2019, we have awarded scholarships to 287 students, the total worth of it being INR 15, 57, 956.

Shree Radheshyam R Morarka Annual Scholarship Programs, Jhunjhunu for Class Toppers

This scholarship program was initiated to support on-going education for the bright, meritorious students at the Shree Radheshyam R Morarka Govt. PG College, Jhunjhunu. We have given away scholarships worth INR 2100 each for 190 class toppers. The students have also received an achievement memento and a letter of appreciation from the Managing Trustee. The amount spent on this scholarship sums up to INR 5, 61, 200.

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