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Late Sh. R R Morarka

Late Sh.Morarka envisioned India as an industrially and socially developed country where everybody shares fruits of sucess and the common man enjoys a relatively happy, healthy and secure lifestyle.


Sewajyoti and its parent organisation R R Morarka Charitable Trust have been founded in the memory of former parliamentarian, social activist and industrialist Late Sh. Radhey Shyam Ramkumar Ji Morarka. A multi-faceted personality with extraordinary capabilities, Late Sh. Morarka was a visionary par excellence. He envisioned India to be an industrially and socially developed country where everybody shares the fruits of success and the common man enjoys a relatively happy, healthy and secure lifestyle. One of the prominent freedom fighters and a man of high moral values, Sh. RR Morarka's strong commitment for development and concern for the lay man reflects from the projects that he undertook during his lifetime.

Apart from founding a major industrial house having a strong presence in diverse sectors, he was also instrumental in the launch of many non-profit, social organisations in areas where they were needed the most, i.e. education, health and infrastructure development. These organisations are still making significant contribution to the society. Sh. Morarka also threw his weight in the political arena to ensure that government policies are not just framed and used as an instrument of governance but are utilised to serve the society, and to transform the common man's life.

Late Sh. RR Morarka was born in 1923 in Nawalgarh town of Rajasthan's Shekhawati region. After completing his schooling in Nawalgarh, he went to Mumbai to undertake higher education. While still being a student of the Bombay University, he joined the freedom struggle and took part in the 'Quit India' movement.

Though born in a traditional business family, Sh. Morarka was more inclined to social service which led to his joining active politics. During the country's first general elections, he contested from Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan) parliamentary constituency on a Congress ticket and won. His popularity can be gauged by the fact that the people of his constituency elected him thrice in a row and he represented them till 1967.

Leading From The Front

Following his long stretch of political activities, Sh. Morarka started taking more and more interest in serving the people at the grassroots level by founding various social service organisations. He led these organisations from front and formed a very close bond with people living under stressful conditions. This experience inspired him to direct his industrial activities in a direction where they don't just become a way of building fortunes, but actually become beneficial to the society at large. He advocated for an industrial sector that was more socially responsible, which had a better understanding of the hard realities of our social life and was more interested then ever in the socio-economical upliftment of the people.

Late Sh. RR Morarka again became a member of parliament in 1978. This time, it was the turn of the upper house. He remained a Rajya Sabha member till 1984. During his long stint in the parliament, he was member of many important parliamentary committees such as the ones dealing with the Companies (Amendment) Bill, 1953, Income Tax (Amendment) Bill, Life Insurance Corporation of India Bill etc. In 1964, he was entrusted with the responsibility of heading the Public Accounts Committee. He was also a member of the Estimates Committee. As a Rajya Sabha Member, Sh. Morarka was on the panel of Vice Chairmen during 1979-1980. He was also a member of the upper house's Committee of Privilege, and the General Purpose Committee.

During his long political career, Sh. RR Morarka represented the country on many international forums including the International Convention of Parliamentarians held at Canberra (Australia). He also headed many parliamentary delegations to different countries. Though a great personality, he believed in the principle of 'simple living, high thinking' and never compromised on his principles and moral values.

Sh. Gautam R Morarka

Sh.Gautam Morarka has a Long experince in industry, social service and business, which reflects in the speed and precision with which his plans are executed in the Shekhawati region.

Sh. Gautam Radheshyam Morarka is the founder of Sewajyoti, the social service organisation engaged in bringing about a change in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Sh. Morarka, who shares his time between Mumbai, Delhi, UP and Rajasthan due to his industrial and social responsibilities, is deeply attached to his forefathers' land which is popularly called as Sekhawati. An area, where his roots come from, Shekhawati has played a pivotal role in shaping Mr. Morarka's views and ideology. It is an area of saints, valiant soldiers, able businessmen, entrepreneurs and industrialists apart from some hugely popular political figures. His father, Sh. R R Morarka was one of them.

Like a true son, Sh. Gautam Morarka has also inherited his father's virtues, values and ideals. He had seen his father tirelessly spending days and nights in the service of the people of Shekhawati. He is aware of his unfulfilled dreams and his vision for the region, and is committed to make them a reality. Sh. Gautam Morarka has a long experience in industry, social service, politics and business which reflects in the speed and precision with which his plans are executed in the Shekhawati region. He has his own roadmap and vision for Shekhawati and is committed to play a constructive role in its development.

Mr. Gautam Morarka was born on January 1, 1962, to the prestigious family of Morarkas in Mumbai. His education took place in John Cannon School and Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. He had also cleared the first year of I.C.W.A. He was appointed as the Managing Director of Gannon Norton Metal Diamond Dies Limited in 1986 and within two years he took over as Chairman of Pampasar Distillery Limited, a responsibility he served until 1989. It was during this period that he decided to form a charitable organization, the Narbada Devi Charitable Trust, to undertake projects to serve the society. Later, he formed R R Morarka Charitable Trust and Sewajyoti. He is the chief trustee of these organisations.

Two successive governments of Rajasthan have recognised his services to the society by bestowing upon him the highly prestigious Bhamashah Awards 4th times in 2006, 2011, 2016 and 2018. The award is founded in the memory of historical figure Bhama Shah who gave away all his wealth to Maharana Pratap so that he can build a formidable army to fight King Akbar. It is given to people making significant contribution in the field of education.

He is the person behind the construction of Sh. Radheshyam R Morarka Govt Post Graduate College in Jhunjhunu, the Radheshyam Morarka Medical Institute in Nawalgarh and Roadways Bus Terminus constructed in the memory of Late Sh. Radheshyam R Morarka. Cost of their development was borne by Sewajyoti. While the College building cost Rs. 2.45 crore, the bus terminal was built at the cost of Rs. 1.05 crore. An expansion plan of the college building, completed in 2010, cost Rs. 53 lakh.

Industrialist With a 'Heart'

Sh. Morarka has also supported charity and social service activities in Uttar Pradesh, especially in the districts of Bijnor, Bareilly and Meerut. He is the Managing Director of Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited which has three plants in Bijnor and Bareilly districts of Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Morarka has tried to fulfill his social responsibilities by creating large number of jobs in these industrial units.

Trusts headed by Sh. Gautam Morarka had adopted village Rajjupura in Bijnor district which has now been developed as a ‘model village.’ A host of developmental activities have taken place in the village including construction of a community center, launch of safe drinking water project, and construction of a drainage system. He also established R.R. Morarka Public School to impart quality education to children of the area. It has brightened many lives by providing top rated education to local boys and girls. These trusts have also built roads connecting many villages in the vicinity of Dwarikesh group's sugar mills. This has improved their connectivity.

Recognizing his interest and contribution to industry and agriculture, a few years ago he was appointed Sh. Gautam Morarka as a member of the governing body of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). He was also appointed as a member of the Board of Governors of Motilal Nehru Regional College, Allahabad, and member of the Governing Body of National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai. He has been a member of Regional National Committee of Confederation of Engineering Industries and a member of Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee (ZRUCC). Recently, he has been empanelled under the ‘Prominent Citizen Scheme’ to monitor implementation of MNREGA. He has also promoted www.prabhasakshi.com, a Hindi news portal, which is playing a meaningful role in dissemination of news and promotion of Hindi.

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